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November Survivor of the Month
The morning air has a crispness that it lacked just a few weeks ago. A summer of punishing heat and pounding rains feels like a distant memory, and on the ever-approaching horizon there is a new season waiting to be born. Two years ago, Bryce Southers was anticipating a birth of another kind. Bryce was eight months pregnant and eagerly anticipating the arrival of her first child. But almost immediately after the birth of her son, Bryce would learn devastating news. Twenty three years old and only a handful of years removed from her high school graduation, Bryce would be diagnosed with breast cancer..

October Survivor of the Month
During difficult times when we find ourselves looking for strength, many of us take a deep breath, look ourselves in the mirror, and search for answers. As the reflection stares back, for a brief moment, we can see ourselves the way that the world sees us. Sometimes it is just the tiny lift that we need to keep moving forward. There are a few among us though who do not need a mirror to catch such a glimpse. Cynthia and Sylvia Whitfield are identical twins and over the years the two have shared much more than just birthdays. It was shared experiences, such as each fighting breast cancer twice, that have helped them to find the deepest strengths not only in themselves, but in each other as well..

September Survivor of the Month
Far from the sprawling salt marshes and the low lying lands of Coastal Georgia, there is a place in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains that Abigail Norton once called home. A native of Colorado, Abigail grew up with a love of the outdoors and a passion for creativity. She moved to Savannah in 2002 to pursue a graduate degree, the next step in the dream of building a career in illustration. .

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Save the Date- January 16, 2016

Confusion about Mammography

Click here to read Komen's statement about the newly released mammography guidelines.

When you open a new eligible Pink Ribbon Banking account*, Bank of America contributes to Susan G. Komen®.  This money will help save lives, ensure quality of care for all and energize science and research in the fight to end breast cancer.  Click here to learn more.

National Spotlight
Debunking Five Common Myths About BC Treatment
Myths about breast cancer treatment can actually do more harm than good when a woman is diagnosed and needs to make complex decisions.  Learn more now!
Financial Resources
Did you know that there are many financial resources that can help people living with breast cancer? Learn more now.