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July Survivor of the Month
In boxing it is said that the greatest matches produce the sport’s most enduring champions. Life is like this too sometimes. In the fall of 2007, July’s Survivor of the Month, Bernita Smith, was preparing for her for the fight of her life. Through this battle, she would learn about persistence and grit, determination and bravery. She would learn that sometimes the most courageous thing that a person can do is to simply get out of bed and refuse to give up. Like a seasoned prize-fighter, Bernita would emerge from this bout in victory, and in doing so become an inspiration to countless others. Her fight began seven years ago on Labor Day, and her opponent was breast cancer..

June Survivor of the Month
For some, the news of a diagnosis with breast cancer arrives amid a myriad of symptoms and concerns. For others however, the disease slips into their lives like an uninvited guest, lurking silently in the background as the patients go about their normal lives. June’s Survivor of the Month, Crystal Higgins, knows well about the unexpected cruelty of a disease that can arrive without warning and change a person’s life forever. Crystal’s story would begin during a routine doctor’s visit, but would take her on a journey that would be anything but ordinary..

May Survivor of the Month
Sometimes the darkness can be blinding. The burden that comes with a diagnosis of breast cancer can be heavy, and the emotions that it churns up can lead a person down a road that is dark and frightening. But somewhere in the gloaming of despair and doubt, pain and frustration, a survivor finds a light of inner-strength that leads them through the shadows. May’s Survivor of the Month, Jackie Brown, knows well about the gloom of a battle with cancer. She knows about the resolve that it takes to accept the truth and face down one’s darkest fears. But above all she knows of a courage that sleeps in the heart of a survivor that carries with it strength that can beam as brightly as the sunshine..

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