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May Survivor of the Month
May’s Survivor of the Month, Zeleekha Jenkins-Strong, knows firsthand about the importance of hope and the power of courage. In the spring of 2013, Zeleekha would make a discovery that would change her life and perspective forever..

April Survivor of the Month
As dark clouds gather on a distant and ever-changing horizon, it is natural for people to react to their arrival in different ways. Many will see impending doom, and the clouds themselves as harbingers of bad things to come. Others, like April’s Survivor of the Month, Valicia Bess, know that without the occasional rainfall, one cannot truly appreciate the sunshine..

2015 March Survivor of the Month
This is not a story about breast cancer. This is not an account of the devastation of diagnosis, the pains of treatment, or the gripping fear of the unknown. This is not a story about a victim. The journey of March’s Survivor of the Month, Latresisa Lassiter, is one that began on a winter day in 2012, but continues to this day..

Affiliate Monthly
Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2015 Savannah Race for the Cure. Save the Date for next year's Race: April 16, 2016! You can view photos from this years race at

Haven’t you always wanted to show the Coastal Georgia Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure® ribbon wherever you go? Well, now is your chance. Learn how Bank of America is supporting our promise with uniquely designed credit cards, debit cards and checks.

National Spotlight
New BC Susceptibility Gene
A study published in Nature Genetics marks the discovery of a new susceptibility gene called RECQL, which paves the way for future discoveries that will allow women to assess their risk and take action. Komen helped fund this research. Learn more now.

Answering Questions About Soy and BC
Many women are still looking for answers to key questions about soy’s potential risks and benefits. Ongoing research has helped to answer some of these questions.