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February Survivor of the Month
Effingham County, where February’s Survivor of the Month, Cynthia Grovenstein is from, like much of coastal Georgia, is blessed with some of the most beautiful flora in the entire South. Blushing azaleas in the spring time, colorful foliage in the fall, and ever-present pine trees that rise up like gospel singers along the horizon. Perhaps the most impressive features of the terrain are the many towering oak trees, draped in Spanish moss, that pepper the charming countryside..

January 2015 Survivor of the Month
There are rare words that can sufficiently describe the moment when a mother first lays eyes on her newborn child. A flood of emotions pours out, from relief and joy, to hope and vulnerability. As a parent, you hope that you will be able to pass on to your child the best parts of yourself, the inner-strengths that they will need as they grow up to face the world on their own. .

December Survivor of the Month
They fill the pages of our comic books and grace the screens of our most exciting films. The notion of a superhero has endeared itself to our culture in ways that have transcended generations. Part of the appeal of these grand characters is the fact that in the darkest moments and times of greatest challenge they rise up to exhibit strengths that we can only dream of having. The heroes of our imagination are characterized by capes and cowls, loud uniforms and fantastic powers. In real life, however, heroism is much more subtle. December’s Survivor of the Month, Harriett Snooks, knows all about the courage it takes to preserve through terrifying peril..

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Breakthroughs in Breast Cancer Research

You are invited to attend Breakthroughs in Breast Cancer Research Breakfast Feauring Dr. Jerome Jourquin. Click here for more information.

2015 Savannah Race for the Cure Registration is Now Open!!!

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What's going on in Coastal Georgia?

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National Spotlight
Understanding Breast Cancer Risk
It can seem like health writers are obsessed with numbers. Often, these numbers describe “risk.” It’s a familiar term but also one that can have some specific meanings when it comes to cancer. Learn More Now
Financial Resources
Did you know that there are many financial resources that can help people living with breast cancer? Find out more