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September Survivor of the Month
Far from the sprawling salt marshes and the low lying lands of Coastal Georgia, there is a place in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains that Abigail Norton once called home. A native of Colorado, Abigail grew up with a love of the outdoors and a passion for creativity. She moved to Savannah in 2002 to pursue a graduate degree, the next step in the dream of building a career in illustration. .

August Survivor of the Month
In a warm August breeze, an American flag dances to a song that only a handful have ever really heard. The flowing stripes and stars are a powerful display; familiar to all, but sacred to only a special few. An American soldier, the sworn protector of our homes and our freedoms, is among the most inspiring symbols that our culture embraces; an emblem of valor for all to admire. Mary Carothers, a 29 year veteran of the Army, knows this well. She also knows that courage can be found in the most unexpected of places, from the scorching sands of the Persian Gulf, to the sterile hallways of a hospital ward. Mary also knows that there is perhaps no more perfect portrait of heroism than a soldier… with the possible exception of a survivor..

July Survivor of the Month
Sometimes, there are simply no words that will suffice. We try as best we can to describe the things that we see and the people who we meet, only to be let down when once-powerful ideas have been diluted by time and hyperbole, and left crumbled into clichés. But then one meets a person like Yolanda Kenney, and suddenly words like hope, passion, courage, and resilience suddenly take on new meaning. Yolanda is currently battling stage four breast cancer, and though some of her days are full of painful challenges, she has chosen to fight with a sense of grace and optimism that is truly breath-taking. .

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National Spotlight
Living with Metastatic BC
People diagnosed with metastatic disease face very different challenges than people diagnosed with early breast cancer. Here, we discuss treatment, prognosis and some of the emotional and practical aspects of living with metastatic breast cancer. Find out more.

Debunking Five Common Myths About BC Treatment
Myths about breast cancer treatment can actually do more harm than good when a woman is diagnosed and needs to make complex decisions.  Learn more now!